Affordable Smiles For Generations

Braces In Montebello, CA

At My LA Braces, we are excited to provide our community with the high-quality orthodontic care they deserve. Dr. Parsa and the rest of our highly skilled team have a passion for building treatment plans centered around what the patient dreams for their future smile. For years, braces have been the best appliance available for people looking to correct orthodontic issues big and small. Our practice is proud to offer various types of braces for our patients to choose from, so they can pick the appliance that works best with their lifestyle and smile goals.

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Braces For Kids In Montebello, CA

Our team is honored to serve patients of all ages in our community and beyond. Braces are an excellent orthodontic tool for our younger generation of patients to help correct emerging issues and prevent future problems. Your child deserves a smile that is not only functional but also beautiful. When we start early treatment, we can ensure they grow up with a smile that inspires confidence as they enter new stages of life. Kids love visiting My LA Braces because they can immediately tell that we have a fun-loving and easy-going environment. We consider our team a family, and we’ve found this comfortable culture takes all of the anxiety out of visiting the orthodontist.

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Braces For Teens In Montebello, CA

With classes, sports, college applications, and more, your teen has enough to worry about without having to stress about their smile. At My LA Braces, we provide high-quality braces treatment in a comfortable environment so your teen can achieve a smile that inspires confidence, whether it’s picture day or prom. Braces are a time-tested appliance proven to improve smiles’ health and aesthetics in a short time frame. Your teen deserves a beautiful and healthy smile that will last them a lifetime, and our team is excited to help them start the journey to dazzling results today.

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Braces For Adults In Montebello, CA

At My LA Braces, we believe that any age is the perfect age to get a healthier and more attractive smile. Whether your orthodontic issues have never been treated, appeared after previous treatment, or occurred because of an accident, braces can help you achieve results that you’re proud to see in the mirror. Braces are a fantastic tool that industry-leading scientists have perfected, so you benefit from an appliance that is more effective and aesthetically pleasing than ever. Before discovering his passion for orthodontics, Dr. Parsa studied bio-engineering, and he is the perfect person to engineer a treatment plan that addresses any orthodontic issues and goals you have.

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Braces FAQ

We understand how important it is to make an informed decision about your orthodontic treatment. Knowing all the information up front can make the process better and help paint a picture for quality results. Our team is excited to help you get the best possible care and the dream smile that you deserve. Check out some of the frequently asked questions we receive about braces.

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