Technology plays an important role in dental health care and is essential for diagnostics, efficient treatment, number of visits, comfort, and accuracy. Incredible advancements have been made in the last few years, which is why it’s important to find out whether your potential orthodontist uses the latest technology for their patients’ benefit.

Your Custom Treatment Plan

Here at My LA Braces, we use the latest technology throughout your treatment process, starting with your initial diagnostic appointment. When creating a comprehensive customized treatment plan, your orthodontist needs to do a complete exam, including x-rays and a thorough discussion of everything from treatment options to an estimation of how long treatment will last. This is also your chance to ask questions, lay out any concerns, and get educated on the decision that will impact your health.

Your My LA Braces Smile Assessment and analysis will include:

Better Care, Better Results

From extremely accurate digital imaging to Platinum Invisalign provider care our technology helps make the experience faster, easier, and even fun!

Invisalign patients have the option of virtually all of your appointments being virtual, from the comfort of your home or office. Retainer checks and free Smile Assessments may also be conducted virtually!

We also offer the convenience of our in-house lab where we make your custom retainers, expanders, lingual arches, and more. You’ll benefit from precise fabrication using the latest advancements in technology, plus you will have less wait time to receive your orthodontic device!