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Braces In Montebello, CA

Types of Braces

At My LA Braces, we are excited to provide our community with the high-quality orthodontic care they deserve. Dr. Parsa and the rest of our highly skilled team have a passion for building treatment plans centered around what the patient dreams for their future smile. My LA Braces offer braces in Montebello, CA. For years, braces have been the best appliance available for people looking to correct orthodontic issues big and small. Our practice is proud to offer various types of braces for our patients to choose from, so they can pick the appliance that works best with their lifestyle and smile goals.

What Are Braces?

Braces have become a staple in orthodontics because of their efficiency and beautiful results. When you wear braces, you have a high chance of achieving the smile you’ve always wanted and keeping it for a lifetime. In recent years, industry-leading engineers have optimized braces, making it easier for you to get a healthier smile with a more discreet appliance.

We’ll place brackets on each of your teeth for this treatment and run an archwire through to connect them. This wire is what we’ll adjust throughout treatment, so your teeth have consistent pressure shifting them into the correct positions. Once we have the brackets and wires in place, we use elastics to bind these elements together. These elastics come in various colors, so you can choose the color combination you like the most to show your personality during treatment!

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Braces have remained a popular appliance for so long because of their ability to tackle orthodontic issues while giving doctors tight control over the movements of your teeth. Whether you have a crossbite, overcrowded teeth, crooked teeth, or other issues, braces can correct the problem and give you a happier and healthier smile that functions better than ever before.

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Traditional Braces In Montebello, CA

Traditional metal braces are probably the appliance that comes to mind whenever you think of braces. Instead of bulky metal, these braces have been transformed into a sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing model. This treatment has been fine-tuned for years to give you a smile you’re proud of in a timeline that works for you.

For this appliance, we use stainless steel brackets and wires to help you on your journey to better oral health and aesthetics. While this treatment is the most noticeable, its durability and efficiency make it an excellent choice for any patient.

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Clear Braces In Montebello, CA

For our patients who like the results of braces but not the aesthetics, we offer clear braces. These braces work similarly to traditional metal braces in the way that they use brackets and an adjustable wire to apply pressure to your teeth and shift them into place for your future smile. The main difference is that this appliance doesn’t use metal brackets. Instead, it uses clear brackets that effortlessly match your natural smile to give the treatment you need with the look you want.

Our knowledgeable team empowers you to make the treatment choice that best fits your lifestyle, oral health needs, and orthodontic goals. If you choose clear braces, we will use this appliance to give you your dream smile. However, it’s important you know that these brackets are slightly less durable than steel brackets so that they may break or chip. We are prepared to fix these issues whenever necessary, but if you want to avoid any additional trips to the office, you may want to consider a different type of braces.

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Damon Braces In Montebello, CA

One of the most exciting breakthroughs in braces technology is the creation of Damon braces. Orthodontic experts and engineers researched what qualities made a smile look more natural and beautiful and then created a type of braces that aimed to help your smile reflect these qualities.

Rather than using regular brackets and elastics, Damon braces use a patented slide mechanism that allows the wire to move freely throughout treatment. Elastics can cause friction that slows your progress and keeps you in treatment longer. With this unique appliance, there is little friction, so you enjoy a quicker treatment. The lack of rubber bands also gives you the opportunity to have better oral health because it is easier to brush around these smooth and sleek brackets. These braces are a great option for patients who want an effective appliance with a discreet appearance.